At Leevers Locavore, our mission is to create a community hub centered around food and beverage.  We believe in redefining the local market in a modern and fun way.  We believe in creating unique opportunities for quality local producers, our employee owners, and like-minded vendor partners. We believe that collectively we can do some good in our small part of the world and truly benefit the communities in which we operate.

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Visiting our store will be a true culinary adventure, right from the moment you walk in the door. We are the kind of place where you can grab a quick latte and a seat at the window to start your day. Swing back for a quick lunch provided by your favorite restaurants in the area. To wrap up your day, wander the aisles with a cold beer while you choose what’s for dinner—or a late evening treat!

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Here at Leevers Locavore, we are committed to producing a unique experience for our community. By supporting us, you support yourself, as we are...

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